rachelle, in her own words.

IMG_0632*photo by Asia Vettergreen

“the creator of this space is a fatal cocktail of dreamer and cynic. stars in her eyes and feet rooted in soil, she is a walking contradiction. earthy yet cosmic, silly yet somber. gut wrenching sobs and stomach cramping laughter she feels things to full capacity. sometimes she is sharp and sarcastic and cutting. other times she is soft, tender, dewy eyed. a chameleon of sorts, she adjusts the skin she wears when she sees fit. she is unsure as to her purpose here, but is determined to document, to make sense, and to lend a hand to those who also feel a little lost. she enjoys conspiracy theories, binge-watching cheesy television shows and disguising a deep unsettling feeling in her bones with bad jokes- mostly of the pun variety. she likes french music, rock n roll, jazz, folk and rap. she likes thunder-storms and sun showers and morning drizzle. she likes ink stained fingers and jagged cliff’s edges and the rapidly moving waters of a river. she likes when miserable things happen in beautiful places, and when beautiful things happen in miserable places. the theme of her existence is contrast. what makes us the same? what makes us different? what the hell are we doing here? welcome to her journey.”