asia, in her own words

IMG_0837“Ahh, how many times have I had the pleasure of other people providing a definition for me? I mean, my name is a goddamn continent. This is refreshing. I’d like to (finally) believe I’m a little magical, like I can make anything happen. If I say it enough times, if I push myself hard enough, if I continue to do everything while trying to be good, I’ll get where I want to be. I’ll get further from who I used to be. I suppose the better question is who am I trying to be, who am I transitioning into. Well, I now don’t mind warm beer or cold coffee. I don’t try to cower under awnings when it rains, and I don’t worry about the sweat that forms in the spot between my nose and my lips on a hot day. I don’t get anxious when I haven’t been home in a while, and I don’t try to settle down when the sun does. I mostly enjoy life behind the eye of a viewfinder, aiming to put different situations I’d have labelled as mundane through any other eyes in front of it. I enjoy observing the ordinary– things you wouldn’t look twice at, capturing it, and representing it as something you can’t tear your eyes from. Actually, that reflects well as a depiction of myself, I am the ordinary– becoming extraordinary. Perfectly within and without. Come chant mantras with me, come push with me, come see the magic.”