adventures in film; part one.

In which we had a PBR fueled night and remembered to bring out the camera.


We sat on the floor and showed Julie the new tarot deck. I always liked sitting just a little behind everyone, so I could see the world as though it were about to be captured. I started noticing in tv and movies, when two people were interacting, the camera would always show an out of focus shoulder of whoever was being addressed. I didn’t do it this night, but made the mental note to incorporate that in the future. Tonight, we were simply happy to be together again, the three of us.




Constantly changing our settings, we went walking down the streets of 11th, to sitting on the ashy ground outside of the apartment sharing cigarettes. We tried to play the music we had collected over the months, but the stories we collected held much higher merit.




We never did have issues running out of things to talk about.

It’s like our energy couldn’t be contained to the basement so we took it outside, listening to the different groups around the neighbourhood doing the exact same thing as us; enjoying. It was as if the whole block was having the party of the century and we were part of it.


We started taking pictures like elementary school girls, pictures I would have actively scoffed at in embarassment, but that was before I knew how to laugh at the world. Snap away.




We drank so much that Rachelle and Julie had to venture off to get some medicinal A&W while I lounged on the couch writing… I was still getting over a recent concussion. I got sad in that moment, I’ll admit– drunks seem to have those highs and lows and for a moment I thought that this basement wouldn’t amount to anything for me, that I was as stagnant as the dirt surrounding the walls.

A burger definitely snapped me out of that.

And in the morning, we felt rough.



But we still dressed up nice and sat outside the local Good Earth with coffees and pesto flatbread, and felt immediately revitalized.



We wandered around the parts of downtown we had only seen in maps, and realized that paper couldn’t compare. We didn’t have much money, but we wandered in the little shops regardless, I feel like I’m finally able to look past the material sides of life long enough to appreciate what I have, what looks nice, what I don’t need.





Ultimately we settled in a park, and it didn’t cost a cent but I felt like a millionaire.





On the walk home, it started to rain. I took off my shirt and wrapped my camera in it, but I didn’t try to get home any faster, the weather doesn’t bother me at all as it used to.

I came home, and I looked through the pictures of the last 24 hours. And I laughed at how little we spent, and how much it seemed we had to document. I love it. I love this life. I hope that I never lose my ambition to take photos of anything and everything. They say as a photographer, you capture the things you have the most fear of losing. 

I want to keep it all.


5 thoughts on “adventures in film; part one.

    1. ahhh chloe you’re so wonderful to us ❤ ❤ thank you so much! I was a little nervous as this is the first post thats majorly focused around photography and I'm a little worried about how it'll be received but stuff like this makes me less frightened! xo

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