This is for YOU.


This substance seems to be the reopening of my psyche, it makes for more spelling errors, but I can fix that.

In this reopening, I can’t help but gush about Rachelle as my best friend.

We sit here, and we’ve played the same record about three times over (and the night is still early, it’s only 3:31am) and I can’t help but think that everything I’ve gone through in my life, every injustice that I thought I was so undeserving of, every fuccboi that has been presented to me, every family hardship I’ve been presented with… it was all leading me to her. Leading me to this liquor enhanced night in which I feel particularly inclined to express my creativity, with her by my side, with this music in the background.

I have always questioned why I do the things I do. I find myself doing it right now, while I write. While you read, I’m probably questioning my actions.

But with her, I feel like I don’t need to ask questions. She is the ultimate answer. Everything I’ve ever wondered about myself, she has filled in the blanks.

And isn’t that what everyone ultimately needs? Some sort of soulmate?

She’s mine.

Because I’ve always figured, you can’t rely on a significant other to be your one and only, thats a role only an absolute best friend can fulfil.

How can you depend on a boyfriend or girlfriend to listen to your favourite song over and over to the point where you’re crying on the floor declaring some sort of unfound love?

You need someone to discuss your unfiltered thoughts with no worry on what that might reflect on you as a lover.

You need someone without a filter for your psychological processes.

And I’ve found that person for the rest of my days.

Rachelle, you’re my life. My partner. My confidante, I am so happy to have this blog with you, and I’m so happy to have your input and opinions in my writing and my life. If you can put up with my erratic thinking and my crazy thoughts, I’d be honoured. You are the most genuine person I could imagine in my wildest dreams, and you make my most wished and wanted days a reality. You are a breath of fresh air in this smog filled universe, and I love you and cherish you more than words can say.

We will be someone, together, simply because we have you.

Thank you for all that you do.


I will love you far after the curtain falls.


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